Environmental Justice Legislative Team

Mission: The Maryland Environmental Justice Legislative Team works to magnify community voices through the legislative process to address environmental injustice in Maryland.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-1-27-44-pmThe Environmental Justice Legislative Team is comprised of policy, environmental, faith, and health organizations including:

The environmental justice movement seeks clean and healthy environments for communities that are overburdened by pollution and health hazards, and promotes meaningful community engagement in policy-making. In Annapolis this year, we will advocate for environmental justice by working on bills addressing at least two areas of documented disparities: food deserts and lead.

We will support:

  • Housing and Community Development – Food Deserts – Small Loans (HB 1492) – to provide financial assistance for corner stores looking to upgrade in order to provide fresh, healthy food for neighbors
  • The Maryland Farms & Families Act (HB 586/SB 278) – to double the purchasing power of food-insecure Maryland residents with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Environment – Testing for Lead in Drinking Water – Public and Nonpublic Schools (HB 270) – to provide lead testing in school drinking water

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To find out more about the history environmental justice legislation in Maryland, view the resources below:

Legislative History

ejteam2016 The REDUCE Act (SB 398 / HB 820 )
Reducing Environmental Degradation for the Underserved Through Community Engagement; 
Senator Ramirez & Delegate Lam

2015 —  Cumulative Air Impact Analysis (SB 693 / HB 987) – Environment – Ambient Air Quality Control; Senator Ramirez & Delegate Lam

Legislative History in Maryland also includes:
 › 2003HB 970   ›2009SB 4   ›2010SB 60   ›2011HB 847   ›2014SB 706

Executive History – Environmental Justice in Maryland

  • 2001 – Governor Glendening signs Executive Order establishing the CEJSC
  • 2010 – Sheriff Road pilot project occurred as a facilitated community outreach effort undertaken by the Maryland Department of the Environment
  • 2014 – Cumulative Impacts Workgroup

To find out more about environmental justice in Maryland, view the resources below:

Resources – Environmental Justice in Maryland